Pakistan Super League (PSL)

Psl Playing Conditions
PSL Playing Conditions

The Pakistan Super League is a cricket tournament held every year in Dubai and Sharjah. The season will start in December 2015 and will feature five teams from the country and abroad. The contest is held every year in the UAE. There are two main formats: the standard format and the modified format. Depending on the team, the definitive version will be played at the Emirates Stadium, and the modified version will be held at the Al Maktoum Stadium.

The projective special linear group PSL is a finite simple group. It has critical number theory, algebra, geometry, and combinatorics applications. The PSL is a symmetry group in the Fano plane, and it is the automorphism of the Klein quartic. It contains 168 elements, making it the second-smallest nonabelian simple group. However, the term “PSL” does not imply any financial benefits.

The PCB shortlisted five regions for the PCB Multan team. Schon Properties purchased the team for US$5.2 million per year, making them the most expensive team in PSL. However, the purchase contract expired on 12 November 2018 due to payment problems. The PCB then invited bids to purchase the team, and a consortium from Ali Tareen won the bid for seven years. The PSL has been played in Pakistan since its debut in 2016.

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PSL 2022

PSL 2022

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