Faheem Ashraf says Pakistan’s strategy to get wickets didn’t work out as planned

Faheem Ashraf says Pakistan’s strategy to get wickets didn’t work out as planned

KARACHI: Pakistan cricket team’s all-rounder Faheem Ashraf has admitted that the bowling strategy which the Green Shirts’ adopted during the First Day of the second Test against Australia didn’t work out the way the team had wanted, thus, it was widely criticized.

Faheem Ashraf Says Pakistan'S Strategy To Get Wickets Didn'T Work Out As Planned

Faheem, speaking after the close of Day 2, said that Test cricket cannot provide fans with the same pace and hype as ODIs and T20s do. Those who wanted such action-oriented cricket would have enjoyed a lot during the PSL, he said.

“Test cricket is about showing patience. We show patience on the field, and fans show patience off the field,” he added.


While explaining the strategy that the cricket team opted for in the match, he said that the goal was to get wickets since the pitch was not favoring bowlers. However, while this strategy worked in Rawalpindi, it did not work out in Karachi and resultantly attracted criticism from fans.

“We can all see that the wicket is a bit slow but despite that, it was providing enough time to batters later on,” he said.

“I believe that due to the warm weather here, the wicket will now open up in days to come and I hope it will provide a satisfactory result at the end of the game,” Faheem added.

The all-rounder said that if Australia has posted 500 runs on the scoreboard, then Pakistan must post something more than their total to put them under pressure.

“It is vital to work hard and first take the lead then gain the advantage of the wicket in the latter part of the game,” he added.

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