Steve Smith says the Rawalpindi pitch is deadly pitch

Steve Smith says the Rawalpindi pitch is deadly pitch

During the first Test match between Pakistan and Australia being played in Rawalpindi, the pitch has been quite flat. Two innings were not even completed in four days of play. Both Pakistan and Australia have scored big scores. Kangaroo batsman Steve Smith, reacting to the pitch, called it a dead pitch.

Steve Smith Says The Rawalpindi Pitch Is Deadly Pitch

Smith said it doesn’t have a lot of pace and bounce for the fast bowlers. I think the spinners have to offer a little bit. There’s a little bit of natural variation when you hit the right length and you know, a little bit of variation when you hit the rough. So I thought it would break a little more and maybe a little more turn from the start but that probably hasn’t happened. But yes, quite simply, dead wicket.

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Smith expects Australia’s tail to score a bit faster in the final day’s play. However, with only one day left, not much can be expected from this pitch. The match definitely looks like a draw.

Smith said that if we get some lead, then no one knows what will happen in this game. If a few balls hit the rough, something can happen on the fifth day. Although Smith has made a guess, it is hardly possible to do so.

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